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  Biohazard   Hatheway Gasworks Book truly IS available for purchase!
Those of us close to Allen have seen him "sweat" this 1,400-page book for the past 12 years ... trying to get both arms and one mind "around" one of the most terrifically complex assemblages of industrial technology, geologic influences, public health and environmental concerns, remedial engineering, government regulation and an infinitude of squabbles over who's going to come forth with the cleanup money.

Allen says that he wrote the book, so he'd feel better about what he knew about his major intellectual passion ... and so that other worldwide players in the realm of coal-tar threats might have a handy reference with which to enhance their own interests and talents.

Here are the Title Page and Table of Contents, as well as the Foreward, Acknowledgments, Author Bio and Introduction.  Finally, we've also uploaded the entire Index for the book, all available for site visitor gratis download.

The Hatheway book on Former Manufactured Gas Plants is now available for ordering from the publisher, from Barnes & Nobel, and from Amazon.

Other books authored by Dr. Hatheway.
New Hatheway Peer-Reviewed Gasworks Papers, from the 11th International Congress, New Zealand, Sep, 2010, are herewith posted.  
Lessons Learned from 20 Years Amongst Derelict Gasworks, Gasworks Dumps, Coke Ovens & Other Coal-Tar Sites  
History of Manufactured Gas in Australia; Geological-Remedial Implications

The third accepted and peer-reviewed paper was unilaterally removed from the conference, due to its perceived controversial nature and was thereby prevented, at the last moment, from appearing in print, in the Congress Proceedings. It is available here for downloading and consideration by the world, as the usual Hatheway peer-review body.
Orchestrated Gasworks Residual & Waste Dumping in Western Long Island, New York

  Biohazard    A new page has been added to this site !
Check out our new "Hatheway Harangues" page.  The good doctor will use this page to respond to your various FMGP questions as his schedule allows.      

  Biohazard    Hatheway named to Prestigious AEG Award
The Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists has announced that Professor Hatheway has been chosen as the 2009 recipient of the CLAIRE P. HOLDREDGE AWARD.  According to the AEG web site "This award, first established in 1962 by the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists, is named in honor of Claire P. Holdredge, a founding member and the first President of the Association. The award is presented for a publication by an AEG Member(s) within the 5 previous years that is adjudged to be an outstanding contribution to the Engineering Geology profession."

Professor Hatheway's award was based upon his 2005 AEG publication entitled "Perspectives:  A Collection of Lessons Learned from a Career of Intense Practice in Engineering Geology". This special publication is fully illustrated and 436 pages in length.  It contains 64 articles written by Professor Hatheway.  A second edition is in the works, bringing his article total to an even 100.     View publication cover.

Litigation and Other Legal Proceedings for Coal-Tar Sites

   Professor Hatheway's PowerPoint and PDF Slide Show Archive
Dr. Hatheway has begun posting the various PowerPoint "papers" he presented at the 2007 AEG "50th" Convention in L.A. and the 2007 GSA Convention in Denver.
          ( Note: these are large files - not for dial-up connections )

Related Note:  Dr. Hatheway delivered three papers on manufactured gas at the 2006 Symposium of the International Association of Engineering Geology, held at Nottingham Trent University, UK in September 2006. These downloadable papers are as follows:

  Geo-environmental classification of the residuals and wastes of gas manufacturing.

  Long-term Fate and Transport Characteristics of Manufactured Gas Plant Residuals and Wastes.

  Technical history of the town gas plants of the British Isles.
      (with Dr. Briget Doyle, College of Charleston).  

   A discussion of other manufactured gas technologies that co-existed with mainstream
     coal-related manufactured gas systems.

  The role of former manufactured gas plants in the arts.
Dr. Hatheway and Dr. Doyle continue to assemble a large collection of maps showing the locations of former manufactured gas plants in all 50 states!  This will be a long-term task so check back often to view the latest maps.

   "Former Manufactured Gas Plants in The News"

  "How to locate and confirm a gas works site"

   "Literature of Manufactured Gas"
Read Dr. Hatheway's collaboration with Drs. Yuji Kanaori, Tariq Cheema, James Griffithsd and Kitchakarn Promma:  The 9th Annual Report on the International Status of Engineering Geology - Year 2003-2004 - Encompassing hydrogeology, environmental geology and the applied geosciences.
   Dr. Hatheway was interviewed on National Public Radio's "Living on Earth" ("LOE") as part of a feature done on Manufactured Gas for the week of 23 March 2001. 

   Download an MP3 file of the 15 minute interview (~6 MB)
Note:  Visitors researching the topic of Former Manufactured Gas Plants are encouraged to freely quote the findings of Dr. Hatheway.  The following would be a suggested Reference Citation for materials extracted from Professor Hatheway's website.

     "Hatheway, Allen W., 2008, Internet Website on Former Manufactured Gas Plants:
www.Hatheway.net, 19 January, page dealing with __________."


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