RE+ 2022 Exhibition: A Look at the Future of Renewable Energy

re+ exhibition

Industry executives are becoming more aware. They see the need to lessen reliance on fossil fuels. In recent years, the world has witnessed a shift toward renewable energy. RE+ exhibition has been pioneering this transition. They’ve been leading it for the past few years. They’ve been showing the newest developments in renewable energy solutions. The event this year took place in May 2022. It was no different from past years. It brought together some of the top businesses in the world. In this article, we’ll examine the objectives of RE+ 2022. We’ll also look at visitor attractions in more detail.

exhibition stand

Solar power, solar storage, grid-connected technologies, hydrogen, and fuel cells were featured. Electric vehicle charging and wind were also highlighted during this record-breaking week. These were present both on and off the show floor at several events.

The American Hydrogen Safety Center Conference was one of these exhibitions. The Zero Emission Buses Conference and the Cyber Technology Conference for INL were others at RE+. Also included were the American Center for Hydrogen Safety Conference and the INL Cybersecurity Conference: Securing the Path to Zero Energy Conference™. RE+ is the largest energy event in North America. It was previously rated one of the 100 largest trade events by Trade Show Executive magazine.

Exhibition participiants: SolarEdge

The new SolarEdge Home Residential ecosystem will be on exhibition. This includes the SolarEdge Home Hub inverter, the SolarEdge Home battery, a backup interface, and smart energy devices. The SolarEdge EV Charger is also included.

The SolarEdge Home system generates more energy. It offers better savings to the homeowner. This is done by connecting the inverter and battery on the DC side, eliminating wasteful energy conversions. This approach can save up to ten days of energy per year of use*.

SolarEdge will also demonstrate new technology. This technology allows SolarEdge Home to maximize solar energy use. It does this by regulating on- and off-grid appliance usage.

solar station exhibition

The exposition will show how homeowners can use the mySolarEdge app. With it, they can better control, plan, and measure energy usage and savings. They can also account for external factors like weather occurrences and rising utility bills.

SolarEdge’s commercial and industrial products will feature the next generation of SolarEdge S-Series power optimizers. These are now available with SolarEdge Sense Connect, the industry’s first safety feature.

Also on exhibit will be the SolarEdge 120 kW three-phase inverter with Synergy technology. This provides additional power and advanced safety features for C&I systems.

Blue Planet

The newest member of the Blue Ion family of energy storage systems, the Blue Ion HI, makes its RE+ debut. Blue Ion HI has a stackable design for simple expansion, safe LFP battery chemistry, and an unsurpassed 15-year performance warranty. It is also engineered for simplified installation.

The premium modular battery system Blue Ion HI is made by Blue Planet Energy. In contrast to the conventional NMC lithium-ion technology used in many batteries, Blue Ion HI is a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery. This kind of chemistry offers greater durability, dependability, and safety. In order to make putting the Blue Ion HI on your property as simple as possible, the physical battery has several distinctive characteristics, including a lock and key door, removable access panels for easy installation and maintenance, and even a customizable shape (vertical or horizontal).


RE+ 2022 proved that the market for renewable energy is still expanding and developing. The exhibits featured cutting-edge items and technologies that emphasized the value of renewable energy. Visitors were able to see the full potential of these technologies at the exhibition stands where Tesla, Teko Solar, and GSL Energy displayed their most recent innovations. Visitors to the RE+ exhibition gained knowledge about the potential future of renewable energy as well as the cutting-edge strategies that businesses are employing to make it a reality.

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